Entry requirements and CISC cancer shelter


  1. Fill in the registration form by attaching the completeness, among others: Photocopy of Resident Identity Card (Patient ID + Accompaniment), Family Card (KK), Reference Letter from the Doctor or Introduction from the Hospital from the hematology / oncology doctor, photocopy of the BPJS Health card and the patient who can stay at CISC, RKK is a BPJS Health class III patient.
  2. Patients must have a companion and are only allowed to be accompanied by 1 (one) companion.
  3. Willing to pay administration IDR 10,000 / day / person (with a maximum payment per 7 days).
  4. At the time of arrival will receive a cupboard key in good condition, bed linen, pillows in a clean condition from the Coordinator.
  5. Willing to cooperate both individually and cooperatively and must maintain the neatness of CISC inventory items, RKK.
  6. Maintain security, cleanliness, tranquility in the CISC RKK.
  7. Willing to obey all rules and regulations set by the CISC.



  1. Smoking in and around CISC RKK is prohibited
  2. Required to eat in the dining room and prohibited from carrying any food into the room except patients who are not allowed to do it.
  3. It is forbidden to bring any equipment / inventory of CISC RKK to the Hospital.
  4. Do not throw the sanitary napkin into the toilet
  5. Dispose of PAMPRES in a trash bin outside in a neatly wrapped condition.
  6. All residents of the CISC RKK must maintain harmony, security, cleanliness and togetherness,
  7. All household / kitchen equipment can be used either alone or together and must wash / clean and return to its original place in a clean condition.
  8. Make sure the stove is off, turn off the lights / electricity, tap water and make sure to pull out the iron after use is complete.
  9. All residents without exception are required to help with household chores such as cooking, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning glass etc.
  10. Carry out picket duties according to the agreed picket schedule and will be arranged by the Coordinator.
  11. Determine jointly with the coordinator and fellow residents for the menu to be cooked and prioritized menus for patients, a maximum of 2 times the cooking time (morning and evening).
  12. Must report to the Coordinator, when entering / leaving CKC RKK, the maximum return is at 21.30 WIB.
  13. If the patient is decided to be hospitalized at the Hospital then the companion is required to clean / empty the cupboard unless the patient returns within a maximum of 5 (five) days.
  14. Emptying cabinets, handing over cabinet keys and completing administration to the Coordinator before leaving the CISC RKK.
  15. If at the time of leaving the CISC RKK there are still items left behind, within 1 x 24 hours not taken, is not the responsibility of the CISC RKK.
  16. We are not responsible for loss of money / valuables belonging to patients.
  17. Cannot entrust items when the patient returns.

Thank you for participating in caring for, caring for and maintaining “CISC, Our Second Home”

Jakarta, February 1 2015


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