CISC Community Invites Batam Community to Attend Cancer Prevention Seminar

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Entering the age of 9 years, the Batam City Cancer Information & Support Center (CISC) Community will hold a seminar with the theme “Stand Up To Cancer”.

This seminar will discuss cancer and its prevention by attending the speaker Dr. Toto Imam Soeparmono, SP.OG (K) ONK.

This theme was taken because of the background of the main causes of human death worldwide due to cancer.

The head of the CISC anniversary celebration committee, Tuti Bastoni, said that the seminar will be held on July 26, 2019 at Swissbell Hotel Batam and then continued the next day in Tanjung Pinang.

“This seminar is free for anyone, and it’s free,” said Tuti in Baloi, Friday (07/19/2019).

As a cancer survivor, Tuti realizes the importance of cancer prevention measures. There are various types of cancer, namely cervical cancer, breast, lung and others. Therefore, women can also routinely conduct early checks as an anticipatory measure.

“Of course we hope that there are positive impacts that can provide education and outreach from the seminar,” he said.

So that health seminars need to be conducted and should be a common concern that can provide good understanding for the community.

“Start your family environment to have awareness, care, prevention and the importance of early detection of cancer,” said Tuti.

The seminar was also accompanied by various other interesting events. Like a fashion show with relaxed batik under the guidance of the designer, Natasya Rofalina. The models are also cancer survivors.

Batam CISC Chairman, Riginoto Wijaya added that this cancer can be suffered by anyone and knows no age.

“In fact, breast cancer is not only suffered by women, but there are some cases also suffered by men,” Riginoto said.

Furthermore, Riginoto said that he hoped that cancer sufferers could join their community. Because the members are not only survivors but also volunteers.

“We can help, because other cancer sufferers don’t dare to talk, and don’t struggle, even though there is still a chance to live much longer,” he said.

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