CISC, a Community of Cancer Concerns

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Cancer is a disease that is feared by everyone.

Cancer patients generally despair at the state they are suffering, because most of them lead to death.

It was from this background that the Cancer Information and Support Center (CISC) was formed.
CISC Public Relations, Esterina Sutiono said that the non-profit community forum for survivors, cancer patients, families and cancer volunteers has been running since April 2003.

“The CISC itself was founded by Aryanthi Baramuli Putri and Yuniko Deviana. Both of them have had breast cancer,” he told in Jakarta, recently.

In this forum, continued the woman who is familiarly called Esther, cancer patients and their families can provide mutual support and exchange information, so that there is a harmonious communication between the patient and the doctor / hospital as well as the medical staff.

Now, on the 11th birthday of CISC at Mitra Kelurga Hospital, South Jakarta, Friday (4/25/2014), several survivors gave testimonials about their experiences and enthusiasm to be able to fight the cancer they suffered until they recovered.

One of them is Dewi Moechtar, a breast cancer survivor. He was the 1st winner of Princess Ayu Indonesia in 1983.

As a woman who had received the title of Beauty Princess in her time, Dewi did not feel ashamed to tell her experience to many people.

According to him, the role of the family, especially those closest to him like a husband or spouse, is also an unimaginable source of strength.

â € œI am willing to lose one breast to save my own life. “Of course I am always supported by my family, especially my children and husband,” he explained.

According to him, as a cancer sufferer can not lose enthusiasm. “Go outside, socialize with many people, dress well, look beautiful, it will foster your confidence,” Dewi said eagerly.

Until now the CISC has had a shelter for cancer patients who can not afford. The shelter itself is used as a resting place for cancer patients and their families who are undergoing treatment at the hospital.

If you are a cancer survivor or someone who cares deeply about cancer survivors, you can join this community.

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