The Power Of Love

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By: Dara Indah Lestari

May the power of love of her children and God make Mama survive cancer.

September 2017, our mother has stage 3C ovarian cancer. At that time Mama underwent surgery to remove cancer. After that, Mama had to undergo chemotherapy for 6 cycles, because the cancer had spread to her body. Sad? Of course we as her children felt very sad because seeing mama had to experience such a heavy ordeal. I was worried that our time with Mama would not be long.

As the doctor advised, Mama underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Turns out it’s not enough. At the time of the re-examination, it appeared that the cancer cells were still there, so Mama had to undergo an additional 3 cycles of chemotherapy.

We think after the additional chemotherapy, the chemotherapy torture will stop whacking mom. It turns out that Mama’s struggle must continue. Mama still has to undergo additional chemotherapy until now.

During chemotherapy, a lot of effects occur, but we always pray for God’s help to continue looking after Mama. We also try to care for Mama with love. Praise God until now Mama still survive and gather with us.

The doctor never promised that Mama would get well. But doctors always say that the important thing is that the quality of life for Mama is maintained.

When asked what was the secret that Mama continued to survive with a smile facing chemotherapy for more than 2 years? It seems like a sincere power of love for her three children. We also love Mama very much and show our love in different ways.

Keep up the spirit of my beloved Mama. We will always be by your side to look after and care for you. With the help and blessing from the Lord Jesus, may Mama be given strength to face this cancer and be extended to a healthy age. Amen

Love U Mom …

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