HER2namatata, No Worries

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My name is Isnaeni Purwanti. Friends call me Isnaeni, but my family and friends call me “Ully”.

After several years of battling cancer, I finally dared to share my story of life with breast mammae (breast cancer). I hope my story can open the eyes of all women to pay more attention to their own health and continue to dig up information about cancer, especially breast cancer. Also dare to see a doctor if something strange is felt by our body. With the courage to do early detection will be able to find out cancer early so that treatment is easier, cheaper and can extend our lives.

The lump that was left quiet

Starting when I showered in early 2012. I felt there was a small lump in the breast. I think the lump will disappear over time. After one month there was still one. I’m not worried yet. This lump is not visible, unless touched, and does not hurt.

Mid-2013. A year passed, the lump felt slightly enlarged and somewhat hardened. I started to panic. I gathered the courage to check the lump to a famous surgeon. The results did not match what I wanted to hear. He said my lump was malignant and had to be removed immediately. Hoping there were other opinions, I sought the opinions of two other surgeons. It turns out that the assessment is exactly the same!

Instead of following the experts’ advice immediately, I went instead to alternative medicine. Why ?

My father has a friend who died of cancer. Shortly before he died, he told Father that there was a family or friend who had cancer and never had a knife (dissected)
I did not feel pain at all, just felt a little annoyed with a lump that grew out of place
I thought that if I was not long, I would at least not suffer in the hospital, and not bother the family

For two years I underwent alternative medicine routinely. It turns out that when calculated in Rupiah, how come it’s not cheap either … And my lump is getting bigger. I also began to feel sick, even though it was still within the threshold of my pain tolerance.

Sorry? “Yes,” really use it. (A lot of money came out, didn’t heal, instead it got worse. Regret later. So don’t follow in my footsteps.)

Breast cancer with HER2 positive

End of 2015, back to medical. The doctor that I went to suggested that I was mocked in advance, given the lump in my breast that was large enough and hardened, so it was not recommended for immediate surgery. Not satisfied, I went to several other surgeons, and again I got the same advice.

Gosh, what should I do? I am upset. Imagine going bald and vomiting. Work will definitely be disrupted and will be troublesome for the family. I tried to hold on, even though I couldn’t sleep for days because I endured unbearable pain. But in 2016, in the end I gave up and followed the doctor’s advice that I visited in 2015.

The good doctor advised me to start all treatments using BPJS, bearing in mind the journey would be long, he said. At that time I had not yet imagined a long, painful and struggling medical journey.

To ensure the severity of breast cancer, I underwent biopsy. The results are checked through Anatomic Pathology (PA). In addition, it is also recommended Imunino Histochemistry (CPI). PA only explains the level of tissue malignancy called grade and staging. With CPI it will be more detailed to find out what causes these naughty cells to develop in my body. From the results of the analysis, then the doctor can decide the right chemotherapy drug for cancer patients.

About two weeks, I have to wait for CPI results. While I feel uncomfortable with the wounds on my breast that have widened and become more painful since the biopsy. I could not sleep for days. Almost every day I go to the nearest hospital emergency room to ask for an injection of pain killers or pain medication. Although not eliminate the pain. This is the hardest year of my life. I look so haggard

Reading the results of the CPI, the cancer surgeon (Oncologist) immediately shook his head and referred to a doctor with the title KHOM (Consultant on Medical Hematology) for the Chemotherapy process.

My mind was scattered with the news about moving to another expert doctor again. Because actually I can not wait to be treated medically, while being referred again to another doctor, it means that I may have to wait a few more days maybe even weeks.

The CPI results show positive Estrogen hormone (ER +), positive Progesterone (PR +), HER2 is also positive (HER2 +). That is, hormonal (ER +, PR +) plays a role in increasing the severity of my cancer.

Then what is HER2? HER 2 stands for Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 in the body. The natural language is “excess protein”. HER2 is what makes cancer cells grow and spread more



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