When Allah Sent Me Disease

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By: Husain Nurisman

“Allah does not burden a person but according to his ability.”

(Surat al-Baqarah: 286)

The verse that I always remember in dealing with all the problems faced in life, including when sentenced to develop advanced colorectal cancer.

I am a private employee on a daily basis handling various kinds of employee administration processes. I often deal with a variety of their health problems, ranging from those who have had a stroke, diabetes or the most feared disease, cancer. I really understand the sufferings faced. In the end many of them had to face the Creator because of the disease. However, I really did not expect that in the end they would also experience the pain they experienced.

At the end of 2016, for some reason suddenly I experienced severe constipation. Various attempts were made ranging from eating fruits to taking laxatives. But it still occurs again severe constipation.

Finally, I ventured to the doctor of internal medicine to treat constipation. At that time there was no suspicion at all that I would get cancer. Because at that time I did not experience the drastic weight loss that usually suffers from colorectal cancer sufferers, although sometimes I defecate (fresh) looks out of fresh blood. At that time the doctor had not yet given a diagnosis that led to cancer. To overcome my pain, the doctor gave me antibiotics for gastric medication, because it said there was the potential for severe irritation

The problem is not over. I tried to consult with a general surgeon. The surgeon judged that my problem was only a hemorrhoid problem. Not satisfied with the doctor’s answer, I consulted the company doctor. I was advised to go directly to a digestive surgeon. From this specialist I was asked to do a colonoscopy. From this, it was finally discovered that I had a malignant tumor (cancer).

When I found out I had cancer, I immediately imagined I would experience a very tiring period of treatment. The thought of facing death also haunted me.

The first step that needs to be done in the treatment of colorectal cancer is to remove the tumor in my intestine by cutting. The problem is that doctors cannot guarantee that after cutting it can be reattached. There is a possibility I will use a bag (stoma) for the disposal process.

Various kinds of thoughts arise over the treatment that must be done. Suggestions for using alternative medicine pathways also arrive and are tempting. They say the treatment of cancer by means of chemotherapy will not be healthy, but instead makes it suffer and aggravate the disease.

With various considerations and input, I decided to take the path of medical treatment. With medical treatment, in my opinion, the possibility has been tested.

Finally in early 2017 surgery to remove the tumor. After that proceed with the chemotherapy process. It turned out that the chemotherapy process is not an easy process to deal with, especially it has an impact on the patient’s mental condition. Therefore, in dealing with chemotherapy, it needs a lot of support from people around who can continue to provide encouragement so that the chemo process can be passed easily.

Side effects arising from chemotherapy drugs are relatively easy to overcome. Usually the doctor will give various kinds of drugs again to minimize side effects. Even more severe is the effect on the patient’s psyche, namely the patient’s enthusiasm for recovery and survival.

That is also what I experienced. As if the medicine given has no effect at all. There are only wild thoughts that always say, “How come the medicine is so yes, already suffering finally have to die too”. Those thoughts which finally brought me to the stage of feeling as the most disadvantaged person, felt angry why should I be affected by this disease.

Luckily, I have special people beside me. His wife and children who are continuously encouraging always remind that “God is in accordance with the prejudices of His servants”. If I think of not recovering, then it will not heal. Vice versa. If I think I will get well, with the permission of Allah, then I will get well. Those are the words that they always remind.

Alhamdulilah, I was also introduced to the intestinal Cancer Information Support Center (CISC) community. Joining the community allowed me to see that the suffering I was facing was nothing compared to other friends. They have to face dozens of times of chemotherapy and radiation. Also encountered several operations. However, they remain patient and trust to face it all. Truly extraordinary!

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